When stationery goes green

Stationery buffs and eco-friendly souls can go heady over city-based brand Jalebi’s unique design products that include waterproof notebooks and plantable seed paper notebooks

It was during the process of developing new products for her earlier brand, Ankh, that Malad-based home furnishing designer, Renuka Borana Shah (30), got the germ of an idea to start Jalebi.

Jalebi’s range of notebooks

“I came across resources like stone paper and Grow Me plantable paper, which triggered a desire to present them to a wider audience. Ankh had colour and visuals while Jalebi products are calm, meaningful and tastefully crafted.

Renuka Borana Shah

As a designer, I need to give my audience products which add purpose while using it and even after its use,” she states. She zeroed in on the name ‘Jalebi’ as it was one of her favourite sweets, and she found its pattern and design interesting.

Gift tags

For Shah, launching Jalebi was akin to coming full circle: “Jalebi is designed in circles, it represents life and karma. Karma is a term about the cycle of cause and effect; what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions. We believe that what we give to nature will come back to us, hence, we have launched eco-friendly products.”

Typography hook

Jalebi’s product range includes Waterproof notebooks made from paper that is tear-resistant, recyclable and insect-proof. Instead of wood, the paper is made out of mining waste and stone.

Eye masks

They have typography hooks, eye masks and a wide range of Grow Me paper notebooks; after the use of the notebook, the outer cover can be put in a pot to grow plants and the paper has seeds embedded in it. Next up, Shah will be designing storage shelves, kitchenware and other products that incorporate the Grow Me paper.

Eco-friendly cards

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"Promoting natural products and helping nature is the least we can contribute as a person"

Renuka Shah