Grow Me Plantable Independence Day Planting Kit

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Grow Me Plantable Independence Day Planting Kit

1- Plantable Seed Paper Flags 2 pcs

2- Coir Pot 1 pc

3- Coco disc 1 pcs

We at Jalebi promote zero-waste products. We have come with Indian National Flags for the coming Independence Day which is made from seed paper- the base paper (made from waste cotton fiber) has live MARIGOLD, BASIL, TOMATO, CHILLI seeds embedded.

So later if you want to dispose-off the flag, rather than throwing it away, just sow it in the soil (Burying the flag is in terms with the Flag Code of India, 2002)

This basically promotes zero waste.

In case you were planning to buy plastic/paper ones then do consider these.

Planting instructions:
Wrap it in wet cloth and water for 4-5 days and then plant it in soil. Keep watering it daily.

The paper will biodegrade and the seeds might take 10 days to 2 months to germinate.

You may add manure if required.




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